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Wednesday, July 07, 2010


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Mrs. Magpie

First of all, Sue, I'm SO sorry you have the crud. Hope you and your furry friend are both feeling much better today.

Second, I adore your photographs. How do you do it? They are just FABULOUS. They have such a painterly quality. Love the colors, too.

Okay, I'm off to attempt to accomplish something today. I've been lazy this morning and blogging, but I'm out the door in a few...


Sheila :-)


Your picture of those gorgeous hydrangeas took my breath away, Sue! And thank you you for the digital ephemera - it's fabulous!

Soooooo sorry to hear that you've been violated by an unseen 'bug'. Hope that you're feeling better soon. Sorry to hear about the pizza glutton too. Having owned a dog for 35 years, I can sympathize/empathize. Try to rest. Am sending healing vibes your way. Hugs, Terri xoxo


Oh no fair being under the weather anytime is no fun ... Mom's are much to busy to get sick!
Take good care, hoping you get some time to rest...rest...rest :)

Love the way you write and of course how you illustrate your stories is always most special...your echinacea with three beezy weesies is wonderful!

And your doggie looks so cute and innocent LOL
Take care my friend! I'd tell you to have some chicken soup, but that would be insane ... it's too hot!

Cherie Wilson

aWWWWW CRUD! Feel better fast Sue! I enjoyed your post and I am suddenly thankful:) Needed that this morning! Funny thing~ My big boy Trueman got into our fresh baked batch or cupcakes for a birthday party last week..........24 gone in a flash, wrappers and all! Thankfully it came back up in the garage in one big dough ball..........looked like it just came out of the mixing bowl! I know~gross.....but hopefully the visual made you smile. Have fun dreaming and planning your fun new decorating:) Happy heart to you today, even if you feel yuck! Hugs!

Shelley in SC

Hope you're feeling better VERY soon!! Summer is NOT the time for sickness. Your first picture of the hydrangeas in the blue jar . . . ::sigh:: . . . just gorgeous. You put 2 of my favorite things together. Mmmm, I love summer!


Wow, your pictures are amazing Sue! How do you get them so vibrant? The hydrangea in that wonderful blue canning jar look like that Jeanne d'arc mag! I love your story of the pup binging & purging. Poor thing. Hope your feeling better soon. Lisa

Autumn Clark

Oh so sorry that nasty bug has caught you! Feel better soon.
Autumn Clark

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