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Saturday, September 18, 2010


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I'm awestruck, Sue. This is gorgeous, GORGEOUS work. May I have your permission to post your 3rd photo with credit to your blog on my Tumblr? It's here:

Let me know if it's ok. I won't post it without your permission. My email is: acottageinthewoods.zuzu@gmail.com

Soooooo beautiful!!!


Absolutely gorgeous! I love Kim's textures and having been having lots of fun adding them to pics too :-) Wonderful quote ♥


A little playtime never hurt anyone!!! I love seeing your work progress, Sue. The chores will still be around tomorrow. Besides, boring women have immaculate homes! Hugs, Terri xoxox


Third try to leave my comment ... oh my!

Hahaa I so get where you're coming from dear Sue ... don't for a minute change the place you're in ... hey that's a line from JMayer's "Don't Stop This Train" ;)

I adore what you're doing with PSE ... these photos are dreamy and the quote is so inspiring too!

I never considered cutting Lantanas and putting them in water!

You inspire me again and again


Have to laugh at Ms.Magpie with her J.Mayer songs, I am a fan of his too and love that song.

Anyway, I came here to comment on your beautiful work Sue, I am loving it and so happy you are hooked :) Guess what I did all afternoon? Same as you LOL and I even made a new blog header, which I have not changed in over a year. It is such fun to take photos and then manipulate them, so don't worry about the rest, it will wait.
Happy Weekend,

Cherie Wilson

Oh so bloggy beautiful one!!! Drooling over here again, over your photoworks:) Love that you are maximizing your play time too. Too many of us (one whom I live with) works tooooooo much. Play is so under rated in our culture. I say lets show 'em how it's done Sue! It's time they knew:) XO


I would like to see something more about this. You captured my attention and hope I will see more from you here.


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