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Thursday, October 07, 2010


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Mrs. Magpie

Oh, I want those shoes, too! How cute are they!

Loved what you did. I like the floral in the lighter color. Makes it look more vintage.


Sheila :-)


OOoohhhh! Can't you just see yourself sitting out a snowstorm with a great pair of comfy jeans and those awesome slippers! Add a fire, a book and hot chocolate ---- HEAVen!!!! Love your "vintage" fabric too!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo


Oh I love the new/old fabric! The nubbies are perfect for so many reasons but mostly because anything aged is perfect... but ofcourse! So then I get to the bottom of your post and see that you sent people my way to see the pumpkins :O Can you feel the big smile I'm wearing right now? Thank you! I'm glad you like them, I'm hooked on making them and have ventured into different sizes and colors, I love fun and easy along with old and nubby! Have a great night, and thanks again, Theresa xoxo


It never occurred to me to bleach beautiful fabrics whose color is too bold. I love it! Thanks for sharing...I'm off to get the bleach!


ahhh..much better color! Good thinking!

Autumn Clark

OH MY GOSH, Sue! This is the most gorgeous vintage looking floral! I really love it more toned down, even though I see why you bought it as it was. I would never have thought this would work, without causing white spots all over it. AWESOME information!!! Opens up a whole new world in my vintage quests. LOL! I too am wanting a more toned down look for the bedroom in the future and found the most awesome white coverlet with fringe trip this week. Though I'm not quite ready to change it up that much, I'm happy for the score! Thanks for the great links and happy post!
Autumn Clark

Linda Richter


Like I say in my blog...you may be able to just rinse the color out of the crepe paper...so try that first...just a little at a time or it you'll have white!


I LOVE how you toned down the blue with the bleach, it looks so much softer and yes I can see the texture of the fabric, it's beautiful :)
I love to see floral fabric but in reality I have also gone more neutral in my decor. I seem to be going through a lot of changes lately in my life, my taste in things included.
Love the boots too, they look so soft and cozy, but I am saving up for a camera so I will pass LOL

Karla Nathan

Great shoes! I live for comfy shoes. And those go beyond comfy to cuddly from the looks of them.

By the way, I have to tell you how much I enjoyed the tags you sent to the swap. And how thoughtful it was of you to include the great gifts. Wallpaper? You grabbed my heart with that one!!

Thanks so much, Sugarwings and I appreciated you thinking of us.


Cherie Wilson

Oh the crepe paper!! Oh the pumpkins!! Oh the fabric!! Oh the Quoddy!! I can't take it Miss Sue!!
So.......much.......inspiration! Thankyou, thankyou dear girl! I have some similar cloth.....thought of making cute bags out of them:) I have a lot of those thoughts though.........we shall see! I really want to try the crepe paper thing asap, though. Have a marvelous week! XO


Oh yes, I am so loving it all - the fabric, that gorgeous chair and the shoes. I say to go for it.

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