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Saturday, October 03, 2009


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they truly are stunning roses so glad you made his day happy pink saturday


Happy Pink Saturday, Sue. I wish you lived near me because I could supply you with plenty of roses to preserve.

I love your found pink roses. It is so wonderful to find beauty in unexpected places. And, I know you certainly made his day, and bless his heart for making Pink Saturday special for all of us.


Your blog is so pretty! Lovely lovely roses...he should be so proud! What editing software do you use? I loved your French graphics overlay and the other art you used for your photos. Happy PS!


Sue, the roses are just lovely! They always seem to do better when the weather gets a little bit chilly!

I hope all went well with your mother's move and she's settling in nicely.

Thanks for sharing and Happy Pink Saturday!



What beautiful photos. You have outdone yourself. I could almost see the smile on that man's face. Don't you love to make others feel so happy. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

Suzie Button

What gorgeous roses! I've never tried the silica gel or drying flowers, but now I think I will! Thanks for the tips, I linked to see your previous post! And the roses outside the restaurant are just gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Happy PS! Suzie

black eyed susans kitchen

Pink roses are probably the best pink there is. Pale pink, bright pink...it is impossible for me not to smile when I see pink roses.
♥, Susan

~*~ Patty Szymkowicz

Thank you for making us smile too with your sweet story and glorious photos!!!
~*Happy Pink Saturday*~ I miss participating, must get my act together :)


Oh Sue...what a nice post! I LOVE the pink roses, both those from grocery store and those you discovered outdoors. Your story is so touching, what a way to make someone's day!

I just wanted to thank you for mentioning me in your blog...I am so touched and flattered.

Have a wonderful Pink Saturday!


The air is cooler, the days are shorter, winter is on its way. From now until April of next year I will have to rely on Pink Saturday for my pink fix!

Thanks for participating this week and for helping my day be just a little bit more pink and sweet!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend filled with the love of family and good friends.


Bellísimas rosas.
Happy Pink Saturday!!!


a mother is so precious. happy pink saturday!!!


Your found roses are so pretty, I loved the story too, Happy Pink Saturday, Char


Sue, I love those speckled roses and the post. Happy Pink Saturday, a little late.

Susie Jefferson

How FABULOUS these roses are - especially the first photograph. What an unusual colour - not quite a dusty pink, not quite a mauve. I love it: very low key and subtle. I love your preserving idea as well, it's a great post.

Happy Pink Saturday, so sorry I am (as usual) late... this time I blame eBay, because I just spent a frustrating 7 hours listing stuff. And am now officially exhausted, so the rest of the PS ladies will have to wait till tomorrow!

Jenny The Red Bulletin Board

Beautiful! And so nice of you to make that gentleman's day!! HPS!!

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Mother's love is priceless everything has to pay a price for its worth.It has no worth at all.Beautiful Roses i like roses a lot.It is a symbol of love and affection.


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