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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


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Ohhhhh, Nooooo! You've had MORE than the proverbial "3" in the bad luck department!!! Thank goodness your funny bone is still intact, and your garden is stunning! (I adore your clematis and the "hope" stake!) Hope that you feel better soon. Hugs, Terri xoxo

Shelley in SC

Oh...my...word! How does it all just rain down in one one-week period?!! Are you all repaired yet? Just LOVE your doodling!!! And the flowers . . . aaah. Beautiful pictures. Almost made me forget your horrendous week!!

Cherie Wilson

Gratitude at it's finest:) In the midst of the terrible you are thanking, planting, drawing! I love that Sue! You are a treasure:) I am doing almost the same thing over here.........and asking God a similar question not 20 minutes ago~ sort of "are you getting tired of this.....me and my antics and neediness, Lord?" My bandaids seem to be those unseen ones this week:) Still, the word I get today is Thankfulness! Psalm 103: 1-6. For your boo-boos Sue!


You had one heck of a week! Hope you are all better now!

Thanks for visiting me and entering my giveaway! Good Luck!

Sue, you create beautiful things!



Oh My Dear Woman! Way more than your share of mishaps! Things can only look up now surely!!! You do get the prize for very best attitude ... what a charming post, such a way with words you have dear Sue!
I am hoping that each malady will be cured quickly ... if not already the case!
Take good care! Sending Healing Thoughts and Good Wishes your way!


Ha--"rash of challenges" was the pun intended?! That is a miracle that your frozen shoulder is making that much progress, I'm a PT (but haven't worked at it for years)

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