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Sunday, June 27, 2010


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Autumn Clark

What a wonderful piece of art. You two are as cute as cupcakes! Love each detail and those mirrors are the best!
Autumn Clark


I love this one ...so beautiful..the details are un-matchable...



Oh Sweet Sue ~ there is so much to say about this beautiful and touching post and what you created along with the perfect quote as well ... and yet I am choked up ... happy to share your memories of a precious person in your life and sad for your loss ... just read the Gibran quote again ... sniff sniff
thank you for sharing Johnny with us ... several poems come to mind ... here is a short one for you:

"In one of the stars, I shall be living.
In one of them, I shall be laughing.
And so it will be as if all the stars were laughing when you look at the sky at night."
~ The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupery



What a Beautiful Memory Box & Story ~ it's Perfect to hold your Sweet Photo.... The Flowers on the outside are Amazing~

Julia - Vintage with Laces

That's a beautiful box and holds such wonderful memories. It sounds like your cousin had been an amazing man. I'm sorry that he's not with you anymore.
I have to keep the idea in mind to speedy dry flowers with the heat gun. Great idea!
Have a wonderful Monday!

Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

Oh Sue, what a beautiful piece of artwork!!!! And also such a touching post filled with so many wonderful memories....hugs and love, Dawn


Sue your soap box is really beautiful, so many memories you thought of when you made it, wonderful.


Oh. This story - it took my breath away. Beautiful box, even more so the beautiful words that went with it.

Have a great day!



As soon as I stop crying I will comment on your amazing piece.
Okay, tears gone. What a beautiful tribute for your friend. The quote really got me. I collect quotes & that one is going in my book.
The detail in your box is simply wonderful. I can imagine the time it took to glue each petal, were you cursing me?! LOL. And the kids thrashing on the floor at target...probably mine! I know I'm on that wal-mart website somewhere! LOL
Thank you so much for playing my game with me, it was fun! Lisa


Sue- Your box is absolutely beautiful. What a sweet testament to the love you and your cousin shared.


I really love what you did with your soap box! The 3-d embellishments are a great idea!

Sandy xo


Your soap box was an amazing piece of memory art. I think it was a wonderful tribute to your cousin. Beautiful post.


You did a fantastic job, Sue! Love both of your projects, and that little pic of you and Johnny is ADORABLE! I always love to see what you're doing over here.

And I died laughing at this: "...me pretending like I hardly noticed that child on the floor thrashing from side to side {professional courtesy from one mother to another} desperately clutching some much-needed toy..."

I do that, too, because I had a godchild once that used to act out like nobody's business. It was usually in restaurants! But when he was alone with me, he behaved. Go figure! Maybe it had something to do with my bribes. I was his fairy godmother, granting all of his lego wishes. ;-)


Sheila :-)


Oh my gosh I love it! I also love your Gibran quote and for sharing your memories all tied up in this beautiful little box. It is a little shrine to your beloved cousin, whom I am sorry you have lost...



What a beautiful tribute to Johnny! I hope I will be remembered one day byt the people in my life as you lovingly remember Johnny. He is so happy with this tribute I am sure!

Mosaic Magpie

Thank you for sharing not only the box but the story of your cousin, truly touching.


What a lovely tribute and it's so beautifully done! Thank you for sharing it with us.


What a beautiful tribute box you have created...I love the quote...thank you for sharing your story...

Thespoena McLaughlin

I love what you have done with your soap box. Great project! Thanks for sharing.


Target is a tad bit evil isn't it? I don't know anyone who can just buy one thing! This was not only beautiful for heartfelt and heart full. LOVE the glass and the Verbena, good to know they don't have to be dry!:) But above thank you for sharing such a beautiful memory. Posts like this is what gave me faith in the internet again, thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!!

Kris Pare

Hey Sue, you sure it wasn't me with the child thrashing! :) Swear she does it every time. LOVE your box and the amazing quote. The outside is gorgeous. I so appreciate you stopping by to see mine and also the comment on my crown I made. Thank you!

Donna Liljegren

What a lovely and special piece you created. I love your idea to use flowers, and the little mirror is wonderful. Thank you for sharing your verse from one of my favorite writers, too. It holds great meaning for me, too.


Thank you for sharing not only a wonderful piece of art but the heart touching story of your dear cousin Johnny. Some memories do indeed stick to the soul.

Debby Harreittha

Hi Sue, what a beautiful and inspirational piece, love what you have created.

Karla Nathan

I thought the box was beautiful with its flower petals and acid washed peek a boo mirrors, but then I read the tribute to Johnny and really fell in love with the piece!

Shelley in SC

Sue, this is just stunning. I love everything about it, especially the colors . . . no, especially the beads . . . no especially the mirror. ::sigh:: I love it all. Positively dreamy! Well done : )

Cherie Wilson

This was a precious post Sue. You painted Such a vivid and beautiful picture of you and your Johnny. I love hearing of what an amazing adventurer that he was and how much he lived His life.....and you both in childhood!! It reminds me too, how much our art is an adventure and how this took you to another place and time. Art truely is an adventure. So thankful to know you Sue, truely! Lovely keepsake!
Ps~ My space is a wreck now too.....just means we are having fun, eh?!

Karen Valentine

Sue your box is really lovely. I love the natural flowers all over outside. And the inside is pretty special too. Any artwork that is made with a special person in mind has a different energy to it. Thanks for sharing it all.


Hi Sue!.....I LUV your soapbox...I luv the colors and the flowers....and what really cool vintage finds inside!...Beautiful!

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