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Friday, June 18, 2010


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O My Gosh! What a beautiful place! Thanks so much for sharing!


Well, you've captured my heart, sweetpea! I think it's magical, delightful, dreamy, beautiful, beautiful and did I say BEAUTIFUL?!?! Yessssss, it is. What talent you have.

Rini Boer

Beautiful your craft area , love pinks I have seen there !!
Have a nice weekend with love from ♥RINI♥ the Netherlands


Sue, I knew from the first moment I met you on Pink Saturday that you were talented, but I think this is one of my favorite ever creative spaces I've ever seen. You have a treasure trove of fascinating things there! OH, I love this! I mean I everything... the furnishings, that sign about perfectionism, the creative supplies, the color of the room, everything!

Love that doll's head with its funnel hat! And would you believe I have one of those printer's chests??? I use mine as part of the living room side table beside the sofa. On top of it is a metal chest that used to house car parts! And I love your mannequin. Mine isn't that cute. I guess you were doing a happy dance over it because it is just the bee's knees.

I'm so glad you shared this. I really, REALLY love it!


Sheila :-)


You may have worked your heart out, but the results are stunning! What a gorgeous space you've created!!! I could spend hours and hours in this space . . . . **sigh** BTW - I couldn't live without my OTT lights - LOVE them. My worktable is in the center of my tiny studio and away from the windows; I couldn't work without them. Thanks soooo much for the tour! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Suzanne Duda

Oh my word! Where do I begin? The paint color, the wallpaper, the doll trunks, the dress form, the jewels...HEAVEN!!! I love, love, love your studio! What a wonderful space you have created...thank you for sharing!
xo suzanne


Sue I can see why you are so excited to share photos of your wonderful organized creative space! Nothing better than getting rid of the (((Chaos ))) something I still have in my little corner space where I create and edit my numerous images of Nature I love so much!
Sue thank you for having me on your google reader! It's always a delight to meet new blogger friends! Your creative spave is full of inspiration!love and light anna

Cherie Wilson

Sue, I had to check out your place first!
I AM SPEECHLESS and that never happens:) Such a beautiful, inspiring, welcoming and happy place~ JUST LIKE YOU!!
You are a treasure and so is your lovely room:) Thankyou and enjoy all that hard work.......now get to crafting I want to see what you do with it all girl! Love!

Karla Nathan

Yummy paper stash and jewels!!


Okay, I'm in love...seriously in love...with your new studio! Maybe lust is a better word! :) It is absolutely gorgeous in every way! Love the way you have displayed your goodies too! I am gonna sign up to follow you, because I can't wait to watch all the fun you will have in this studio!

Come visit me!



I am volunteering to become your new best friend! All i can say is wow...and I want to come back again and again for more.

You have not seen the last of me-- such a delightful visit.

What a stunning space to do your art! I love your style!!

I will be back (marked you) when I have more time to look around... i am sure I will be inspired.

Stop by if you get a moment... I have a little give away.

Have the best day-- enjoy all your visitors!



Isabel Eaton

You have an awesome studio and love the way you display ur treasures:O)

Rebecca Ersfeld

Hi Sue
How wonderful did that turn out??? Aren't you just sitting in there looking around and just dreaming? It is a fabulous studio and what a great stash of treasures you have. I was thinking I had too much but now that I have seen yours I don't feel that so much :)
Many Blessings


What a pretty studio! I LOVE THE WALL COLOR! This is su much fun!!


Oh Sue - I am so happy that you have the room of your dreams! I think it will become one of my dreams to make a room just like it! No wonder you make such beautiful things! This room is so inspirational! What are all your little letters in the box made of and, more importantly, where do you find such treasures!

Thanks for your sweet comment about my little Lainey! Her mom's family is all here so this grandma hasn't been able to hold her much but come Monday, she's all mine!

Enjoy that gorgeous room and I look forward to studying the pictures in detail later!


Be still my beating heart!!! Your new room is fabulous! I love it all and would love to have a dress form of my own but they are just so darn expensive. Great job pulling everything together for the party! thanks for the sweet comments you left on my blog, Marcia

Kay Flynn

Hi Sue,
Thanks for your visit and kind comments. These events introduce us to blogs that we might never have found on our own. Love yours! WOW! You have great stuff, and it's so beautifully organized. I can't visit a new blog and read only one post. When I saw your sign PERFECTIONISM KILLS, I doubled over laughing. I need to write that on the palm of my hand, so it's always in view.
Enjoyed my visit.



OH My GOODNESS Sue ... what a piece of treasure trove heaven you have created!
You done good Lady!
I enjoyed each photo up close and personal ... thank you for sharing your creative space with us. It looks like something from a magazine spread ... no kidding, you are not only a treasure magnet, but really do know how to situate everything so beautifully ... your wallpaper collection Oh My!!! and your doll heads and parts (teehee) you know I'm in Love with those too

Amazing and so beautiful...I would just sit and gaze around the room ... again and again.... WOW is all I can say + Gorgeous !!!


Oh my goodness Sue, Your room is amazing. I could get lost in there and spend many wonderful hours creating with you. I love you dress form- I have one and she is named Josephine. I also purchased her from ebay and paid a huge shipping fee. I love that you shared it all with us. I am going to try and incorporate some of your ideas.
You asked what paint color I used in the room- it is my fave color- behr paint flat based called Cup of Cocoa.
thanks for sharing and stopping by my little place.. tammy

CatNap Cottage

Wow, I am beyond impressed - what a space and what a witty way you have with words! But you are a southern girl and so am I and we sort of talk like that :-). I have the same story you have about moving from here to there and the diningroom table chaos - isn't it so much better having all your things in eyesight and sorted. It took me 30 years to finally get my own space, I know! Love the blue on the walls, it is similar to mine - your space looks so cozy and welcoming - great idea on the spice rack. I see those all the time and never thought of that - that is one of the best things about this party is all the great exchange of ideas - I don't live far from you at all! Love your space! :-)


Just look at this exquisite space that came from your eye for all things beautiful - and from all of your hard work.

Of course, you know that I've always loved you, but everyone will love the queen of all of this wonder. And, that queen, my friend, is you.

Won't you be my neighbor? ;-)♥


Hi Sue
What a great time I've had wandering through your studio.
It simply oozes creative space and I'm not surprised your muse was a constant distraction as you prepared for your photo shoot!!

I lingered at your vintage wallpaper stash so beautifully housed. A weakness of mine as we can't get them in New Zealand (that I know of).

Your letter rack with the lovely cards waiting to be sent. I agree there's nothing better than finding a snail mail in the letter box!!

I'll be back! I'm just going over to follow you too.
Please come over and visit me one day, I would love that and I'll get my pretty teacups out and make you very welcome!!


This is a beautiful space Sue - very inspirational!


What a beautiful space! So creative and pretty! Love the mannequin!
Queen Bee Studio


Wow, WOW! Your room is absolutely stunning---wonderful---magical--beautiful. I want to move in! I am so inspired by your decor and storage ideas and I hope you don't mind if I use some of your ideas for my room. I'm in total awe. I just love everything about your room!

chantal johnson


I love it!!!!! What a lovely studio. I love vignettes - they help us feel inspired. Thank you for visiting my blog...this party has been fun!


Leanne Shawler

So lovely and beautiful! I hope you have time to create now!


Oh. My. Gosh!!! Your room is an absolute DREAM!! I LOVE the color of your walls. May I ask what it is?

Everything is arranged and decorated so beautifully! Thank you for sharing your very inspiring space.


sue, your space is just a dream!! i think i may be in heaven looking at all your wonderful pictures. soooooo much inspiration there.
i love snail mail too, but no matter how many letters i send out...no one writes back. alas...
oh, and i totally want to dig throught that drawer of jewels you've got there!!

Laura Ingalls Gunn

What a wonderfully creative space!

I adore your storage solutions. They have inspired me.

Mosiac Magpie

Like everyone else I love the paint color. But there is so many things in this room to love. I see one of JoAnnA's angels as well. You could play I SPY in here. This room is what every crafter/artist dreams of. Congratulations on a beautiful space, you did one heck of a job. I wish you could come help me with mine.


Sue, I came back by to ogle your FABULOUS space. And now that I'm here and am floored over that first shot, let me ask you... I'm wondering about your blue color. Is that custom or Benjamin Moore? I've been looking and looking for the 'perfect' shade of blue for a bedroom. I have kind of narrowed it down to two... Palladian Blue and another whose name I can't remember but was recommended by Mario Buatta in an article. But yours looks deliciously blue with a hint of green. It also looks good with all the colors I love. Would you mind sharing your color with me? Who knows if it would work in this crazy Florida light that changes from location to location, but you never know.

Now, I'm going back to my ogling...


Sheila :-)

Robin Clevenger

Dolls,wallpaper and buttons, Oh my! Wowzers, what an amazing space! I spy a bluebird that might fit in an apron pocket and you can bet the cute game cards behind your doll head would come up missing! Tee Hee! Hugs, ~Robin~

Bella Dreams

I don't know if I will make it around to all of the blogs in the party, but I am sure happy that I didn't miss yours! It is just amazing and full of goodies galore. Thanks so much for sharing!


Oh girl, it's wonderful, all of it. Just want to come over with my green market bag & play trick or treat! All the little bits & bobs you collect are just right up my alley. And wallpaper, where do people find rolls of wallpaper like that?!! Awesome. You are very lucky to finally get your dream room. I believe we women work too hard for our families & need a little place all of our own to create in. It renews me everyday. Makes me a happier Mom. I hope I dont' have to wait till they all grow up & move to inherit a little more space. Lisa


hi sue
i loved reading your bi. I think your analogy about writing a book and now you are working on the next chapter, but sprinkled with lots of humor is wonderful. Thanks for also sharing your words of wisdom on humility. You have morphed your studio space into and enviable sanctuary for any crafter. I love all of your new organizing techniques--they are functional and asthetic. Anyway, thank you for the lovely visit and nice to meet you!
vanny, MAD Stitches


Hi Sue!! WOW!!! Your studio is sooo fabulous!!! I love every little thing!! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! How did I not find your beautiful blog before?? Now I must go read your previous posts that I have missed!


Good gravy - have you got room for me in there 'cause I'm thinking... I need to move in! LOL ALL of it is fantastically gorgeous!!! I'm DROOLING over the book shelf with the license plates running down the side! Heck - I'm drooling over all of it! ha!

:-D robelyn


P.S. Would you mind sharing what brand and color that fabulous color on your wall is? It's just perfect!!!


Hi Sue
Your Studio space is absolutely gorgeous!!
Filled with treasures and inspiration in every nook & cranny ♥ Thank you so much for your visit today and your lovely comment - so glad you found me at the "new" blog. I ran out of photo space and neeed to start up a new one. Hope you will stop by again ~ Deb


Soooooo yummy cute! I love all of it! :)



Oh my Sue!!! What a fabulous space you have!!! Well worth the wait I'm sure!! I love the color of the walls, the beautiful white furniture but I think my favorites are the dress forms {been wanting one for a while!!} all the vintage items that I see ALL over your studio!!! Just gorgeous!:) I am so jealous;) I so wanted fresh flowers for my little photo shoot too but went the day of and couldn't find the right "pink" color, so I got nothing:( Again, I LOVE your space!!! Definitely the best I've seen so far!!!! Your hard work shows!!:)


I love, love, love this space! Oh my gosh, I am drooling. The wall color is gorgeous, everything is beautiful, and you have such wonderful stuff everywhere. All your work paid off, you have such a fabulous space.


By the way, I echo Sheila - would you mind sharing your paint color? Please, please?


P.P.S. I have been looking over these yummy photos again and again today, taking in all the delicious details! And I just noticed all that fabulous vintage wallpaper! Where, oh where, do you find it?? I can never find any, except online where it's so expensive!

Cami @ Creating Myself

What an amazing space! Love the shade of blue on teh walls...LOVE it! One of my favorite studios so far...I would say you're a lucky girl but I have a feeling that hard work & talent should be credited.


I am blown away by your studio!!!! Absolutely delicious. It must be so wonderful to create in a space surrounded by all that makes you smile. I would love to see more of your studio in an issue of Where Bloggers Create.

Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

Sue! You've just moved into this studio??!! My goodness girl, you did an amazing job!!!!! It's absolutely beautiful...every little nook and cranny, I want to visit and look around even more!! Your studio is wonderfully inspiring... hugs and love, Dawn

kimberly shaw

Your studio is absolutely amazing! Loved the tour!


Dear Sue, thank you so much for your visit and kind words. Your new studio is beyond words! It has that kind of look I love and I don't think I'll ever achieve. And your supplies ... I'd love to come shop or play in your creative space. Just wonderful!! Hugs, Silke


How wonderful to have a brand new craft space to set up just the way you want. I love the way you display things and all the re-purposed furniture. The little pink storage drawer unti is wonderful - I've never seen one that color. Thank you for sharing and enjoy!


Oh Sue - it's gorgeous!!! I love your colors and all your delightful treasures.!What a joyful place to create in! :)

I hope to pop by and visit you again soon!

Autumn Clark

I wanted to let you know how touched I was to read your post. I am trying to help my mom organize her creative mess right now and it is stressful at times, but also rewarding. This was such a boost of encouragement for me to go on, follow through, make it happen. Thank you tremendously for sharing with us. And no, it wasn't too much at all! I'd love to see more and more! My own studio is now the color of yours and I am still doing the final tweaks on it before my "reveal". Wish me luck with both!!
Autumn Clark

Mary Anne

All I can say is ... oh. I want so much to just come and SIT in your room and admire it! It's beautiful! Thank you SO much for sharing it. (going now to wipe drool off my keyboard).

Anna Matthews

What an incredible room. You have so many treasures in there, but it doesn't look at all cluttered, but very put together. Such an incredible space, thank you for sharing.

Karen Valentine

Hi Sue! I had to go back and read everything twice! Your room is soooo wonderful! It is one of my favs! I bet it is so much better in person! I added both of your posts about your space to the permanent link list. Your second post was o sweet and I couldn't have said it better myself. All your hard work for the party really paid off!!! Thank you , Thank you, thank you for joining with us to share the rooms that bring us bliss.
My Desert Cottage


What a wonderful and creative place to spend time. I love all the wonderful and creative ways you have used.
I am so thrilled to have came by to visit.

donna joy

What a serene color that is in your space-beautiful place to create or just daydream in! thanks for sharing all the great pictures so we could peek in~


Incredible Studio ~ I wish I could climb into the computer to come & Play in Your Fabulous Place.....


I'm still making the rounds, LOL!

Your studio is just absolutely FABULOUS!!! WOW!!!! I love all the detail and all the treasures you have! I could spend hours in there checking everything out!!!



What a truly stunning and inspiring space you have created! So many wonderful details. Congratulations, you should be very proud.

miss lynn

i have to use
all capital letters
so gorgeous and
open and aaaahhhh
just lovely!

Spice Rack

Great post! Well crafted design, and very colorful and meaningful spice racks! It looks gorgeous.

Halle G

Amazing space with wonderful trinkets and vintage finds. I could spend all day just looking around in your space..ooh-ing and aah-ing.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

I can't believe you put this space together so quickly! I had to go back and reread that part! Amazing ~ I love it and all the room you have. I love how you decorated it and set it all up. I could shop your space for my own creative outlets! It's really beautiful, and you should be proud and pleased at this wonderful space you've created.


I am in love with your wonderful studio. All of the gorgeous colors and fun trinkets. It is magical!


OH MY!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for stopping by to see me & my studio. And the sweet comments you left. I am so glad I came to visit because I LOVE your studio!!!! HOW LUCKY you have all that room. I love all the jewelry you showed stored in those little drawes. And I see you have a vintage typewriter too(mine is not in the studio though). I want to come back. In fact your studio made me decide to keep a "FAVORITES" List of the studio's I LOVED most. I am having some real challenges with health issues with my hubby right now so I just don't have the time for blog hopping I would hoped to have done. HUGS! Charlene


Lovely. All your displays are beautiful and I love the way the blue wall color takes on so many different shades in the light, especially in that last picture. Fantastic!


You have a fantastic room. I would never have guessed light would be an issue since it looks so nice and light. I'm seeing lots of eye candy I would like to play with too. Thanks for the tour! Connie

Sharee Burton

Your space is truly magical...I can't even decide what part I like most. I'll just have to bookmark you as a favorite blog so I can coime back again and again. You have such an amazing talent. Thank you so much for sharing.

Karen DeCapite

Oh! My! Stars!
I think I've died and gone to Heaven.
I could spend weeks in there and never come out. I'd become dusty.
What a fabulous space! It's so BIG . . . Man I envy you that! How lucky!
You are just incredibly talented . . . your collections and inventory of wonderful bits and bobs are just amazing. I am so tickled I found your blog, and even at this late date, when I saw Where Bloggers Create in your archives, knew I had to peek, cause i LOVE TO SNOOP!
Truly inspirational! Amazing.
Sigh. Man I wish mine was that big . . . but I think my husband is happy it isn't. He'd never see me again if I could spread out like that. . .
thanks so much for sharing! I'm sorry I am so late in visiting, there were just so many . . . you know how that goes.
Have a wonderful day!
:) Karen ~ Some days are diamonds


oh, it is really so beautiful, just a visual feast. Nice!!!!Awesome!!!

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ruth rae

I am so in love with your space! and how artfully you arranged all of your brilliant collections! thank you for the inspiration!

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