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Sunday, July 18, 2010


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Cherie Wilson

Yes, words matter! You are good to point that out and how we need to keep on keeping on with the beach visits........mind if I tell MY Mike that?? haha. Yes, he is a Mike and also our youngest daughter's middle name after him:) I love that. We both have two "Mike's" then! Your beach pictures are dreamy Sue..and your art inpsiration from your last post was probably what got me in the art room today to do the nerd thing:) Doesn't make a lot of sense, but well, it's the truth:)
XO my friend!!


Oh, how I long to breath in the sweet smell of the ocean. For a girl that spent most of her life living on the coast, it has been way too long for me.

My heart breaks for the many so heavily impacted by the devastating tragedy. I suspect the impact will be felt for many, many years.


ah to twinkle your toes in the sand
listen to the sound of the sea
smell the fresh breeze
wonderful wonderful

I was just reading one of my all time favorite books by Anne Morrow Lindbergh "Gift from the Sea" ... I'm afraid it may be the closest I get to the beach this summer ;)

Enjoy * Enjoy dear Sue!

Autumn Clark

I just came from the beach myself and thought how very different it all could be this time next year. It's devastating.


I'm so glad that things aren't worse. This has been so distressing to us as Floridians, but the worst is what happened in Pensacola. My BFF is from there originally, and she is heartbroken.

So glad you had fun, Sue. There is nothing as pretty as the sugar sand beaches and the aquamarine water of the Gulf. I'm on the Atlantic, but the Gulf is always in my heart.


Sheila :-)


Your walk along the beach looks so peaceful and relaxing! There really is nothing like it ♥ Thank you for stopping by and leaving your lovely comment/

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