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Thursday, July 15, 2010


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Cherie Wilson

That is seriously cute! Wow, I have been sheltered from this technique so I am intrigued. I happen to love metal...so drawn by it. Galvinized mostly. I saw on Rebecca Sower's blog~ tin punched cans that were really cute too a few days back. Mostly, I am touched by your bravery. There is just something about art......when we stretch and try. You really do that well Sue and encourage the rest of us too:) Joy for the day! XO

Shelley in SC

Really beautiful, Sue. BTW, I did have a hysterical laugh (at your expense) about the muratic acid in the car . . . and also about your accountant husband and the attempts at home repairs. Oh, Sue, are we kindred spirits; or what??


oh you temptress ;)
making me want to play with metal now too!

Jordan 11

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non ferrous metal

True, the effect of the embossing won't totally work on an aluminum foil, it would be better if you use a tougher, yet easily malleable for embellishments and other accessories.


So true, blog is very nice...Now I really want to play with metal to create more innovative designs as yours.

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