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Sunday, July 25, 2010


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WOW you are making great strides in your photo play Lady! This is precious and the shells DO make perfect little wings. I call those Coquina Shells, we used to have lots on the Outer Banks ... in fact ... back in the day I made a Coquina Chowder ... it was all a surfer boys fault LOL ... yes, it took LOTS

Thank you as always for sharing ... on wings of a dove

Autumn Clark

You're just the best! I love the dove and have a friend who will love the shell wings! What do you do with your digital collages? Print them, use them as screen savers? I'm just curious. I love yours, it has such a serene quality that really speaks to me.

Cherie Wilson

Was going to peek at your post and there you were on mine! haha! No rules on the length of posting I hope. I am blessed by every single precious word from you dear Sue! Oh how I love your new boy a post ago.........isn't he a treasure? You get all the boys! As always, your graphic knowledge inspires me. And those wings from Shells! Thankyou,thankyou!
Well, back to the fair........ours hasn't changed much from what you remember a way's back I am sure. That is a good thing. I do love it. Love you too!


Hi Sue,

What a lovely digital collage! So creative as to where you pulled all the pieces from. And your new dress form.....Wow what a find! Even living over here in Europe and going to flea markets all over I have never seen anything like that! What a treasure.

Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit. Cheers from Brussels - Cathy

Suz Reaney

Thank you so much for becoming our 97th member.I am in the process of working on fabric collages for a sachet swap and love looking at new ideas. The girl is charming...I think I am too late to copy her but no worry! I am just pleased you would join!

Thank you!
Suz and Kat
Katsui (get the name?)




Sheila :-)

free photos

It is fabulous indeed, those photos are so stunning and I am sure that every people who will see it will be so happy.

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