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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


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Karla Nathan

How nice! I get a Message from the Universe every day and those are always though provoking and uplifting. Its not a bad way to start a morning!


personally I think you already embody what that sweet and uplifting message said ... it IS wonderful to receive reinforcement and inspiration ... I get Daily OM's and continue to be amazed at how much I need to hear each one that comes my way

thank you for another special and thoughtful post dearie!

Cherie Wilson

I'm delighted to know we are getting these same messages from Brave girl, Sue! ! My prayer is to not only recieve the message, but soak it in and act on it.....live it and accept these truths that Melody and her sister have presented so wisely to us. This is for anyone, no matter your religious beliefs. Another way to bring unity to us gals all over and especially artist friends! Thankyou so much for sharing this valuable place called Brave Girl!


Sue, thank you for this. I had not heard of it, but I am signing up.♥


Beautiful :) I am going to go now and take a look because I find messages like this so important. I too get Daily Notes from the Universe and I look forward to them Monday to Friday, they too are uplifting and powerful messages.
Thanks for sharing this, I am so behind on blogging, love your post on the flea market too :)

Autumn Clark

Wonderful! Thank you for sharing this, I signed up right away.

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