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Saturday, September 11, 2010


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Shelley in SC

Very moving thoughts. Love that second image . . . the deep blue, the texture, the clouds, all of it expresses so poignantly the stirring of our souls in those hard, hard times. Thanks, Sue.

Drawn to the Sea

"May we all find peace for those harder questions in life." That is perhaps the most touching thing I've heard in quite awhile... & so very appropriate for the anniversary of 9/11.


Cherie Wilson

Sweet Peace. I love that this is what we spoke about tonight. 8 college freshmen girls and I around my table. It all started with the stress of the day, the anxiety..... but we came full circle to peace. Love your question Sue. You didn't say may we find answers, but find PEACE with those hard questions. Just love you and your heart!! Thankyou for your good insight. You are golden! Thankyou for your heartfelt reminder of 9/11. Thinking of you and your memories of that childhood friend and His family right now.

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