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Monday, September 20, 2010


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Cherie Wilson

Yeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! What a sweeet thing! It is so good to be appreciated, and you so should be! XO


So happy to see that you've been "working your fingers to the bone", Sue!!! LOL!!! Wow! Using my background for a texture was a brilliant idea! Thanks for the 'honorable mention' - you're such a Sweetie!

Oooooo . . . . what a guy!!! A new IPad!!! I can see those dust bunnies growing by the minute! LOL! How thoughtful - you've got one of the "good guys"!!!

BTW - I your digi work is really very special and you're developing a style that's all your own. Lovely!!! Hugs, Terri xoxoxo

Cynthia Schelzig,,,Cynnie

I just have to tell you how your dreaming of a clean house woman made me laugh...the expression on her face and your quote...well, it is toooo good!

Linda Jo

I can't believe you have an IPAD now! You'll never clean house again...who are we kidding??????? Love the digital images.....I'll catch up one day!


you really are my kinda girl ... well you're a lot more techie than I am LOL
Thank you for sharing that gorgeous blue bird ... what you've done with it is WOW!
Have fun with your new toy
That Mister of yours IS a real doll to know that presentation is a big part of any gift especially a very thoughtful and nice gift ... what a doll!

Autumn Clark

Wow, that one should definitely go down in the books. You are a blessed lady! So enjoy your goodies and indulge your moods.
Autumn Clark


I absolutely love what you did with those images, wow!

And big congrats on getting an iPad, lucky girl. :-)

To answer your question, yes, those are Mikasa Antique White. We've had them three years, and really only use them once in a rare while. They're mostly for show, as it was our wedding china.

Have a wonderful evening!


What a wonderful gift...and gift wrapped?!?! How lovely for you!! You are really rockin' on your journals and photo editing, aren't you. I keep killing time on the editing too...the house is always second around her. Ha, who am I kidding? It's about 4th. I've only stitched two practice pieces and used them as mail art for my girls. I'm almost done with the videos though!


This is a great post Sue, but then your post always are and always make me smile :)
I am glad so hear you listened to us LOL and took more time to play, I love how your latest turned out and yep, the paper from Terri really did add some wow factor too it. I have to admit I am now officially a PSE and Texture addict... but who cares LOL

How sweet of your hubby to gift you an Ipad, and wrapped so pretty too, WOW.... I don't know much about the ipad yet, maybe that's a good thing LOL

I wish I had dreams that my house was clean and perfect, wouldn't that be nice?
Keep on keeping on with the beautiful digital art, I love Kim's textures, and just yesterday I signed up for her new private group. I hope I have some friends there *wink

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