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Tuesday, October 05, 2010


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Welll, if you are a potential hoarder, I say that you are very pretty and sweet potential. The Hoarder Society would be blessed to have you.♥

I'm combing the house for things to sale at our upcoming yard sale. I could have one every weekend, and still have too much "stuff". But, once or maybe twice a year is all that I can endure.


Sue, thanks so much for sharing your beautiful images!!!

If you're hoarding beautiful treasures like those images, sorry, can't help you with that one! lol


I can't even begin to think about un-hoarding (especially in my closets). The thought of trying to clean them out makes my head hurt!!! LOVE the images! Thank you so much for your generosity!!! Hugs, Terri xoxox


Our homily two weeks ago was about telling yourself you have "enough". Then before I went to my last auction my son said, "Mom, before you go I want you to go to the store room and look around and say, 'I have enough'". hhhmm...well. I'm glad he was listening at Mass! I do resell so I can justify, but it easy to acquire too much. I have absolutely no advice to you at all!


I do have to qualify that I give away everything that others may actually need. I have no need to hoard useful items at all!


We went from a 4bdrm/2.5ba/full basement/dbl-garage McMansion to our tiny 375 sq. ft. cottage, so I understand the huge task of decluttering. I just kept going through it all, donating what I was sure I no longer needed/wanted and eventually ended up with a cottage full of favs.

Thank you for sharing these beautiful images, Sue! I hope you have a lovely day!


Cherie Wilson

Middle kids............always saying it like it is!! Well, I would just have selective hearing, and zone in on that word "potential" which I am sure you already have! Tee hee:) Thankyou for your thoughtful images Sue! Not only will they be useful, and they inspire me........they make me feel like I just "found" a treasure and they didn't cost me anything or take up space!! Voila! You are a gem:)


You would not believe what I got rid of before we moved. Some I gave away to people I knew would like it, some to goodwill, but it felt so good. I still have a lot of "things" but most of it are "things" I love so that's ok :)
I read a book on clearing your clutter and it said when you do it allows space for good things to come into your life, so hey, we can always use more of that, give it a whirl :)

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