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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


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sue, you touched my heart. I am very sentimental, too. And, I love Sea Island. The charm, peace and tranquility are hard to beat.

Where in NC are you headed?


I hope you wear out your satin dancing shoes, My Friend!!! **Sigh!** Your pictures are stunning, and I'm so happy that you have many wonderful memories to accompany them!!! Hugs, Terri xoxoxo

Cynthia Schelzig,,,Cynnie

Beautiful fotos Sue!!! Just wonderful!

Linda Richter

Oh...beautiful post. And now you are going to the mountains! I must say that I love to go to events where they leave gifts in your room each night! I think those days may be over for me. whine.......... See you in class...


what beautiful photos. i wish i was there!

Karla Nathan

When someone is as talented as you are, there is no such thing as too many pictures! These are beautiful!!

I feel the same way, when I travel with my husband on business. His world on the road is luxurious to me, and I get swept away!


Beautiful, beautiful photos Sue, thank you for sharing them with us, and I am loving the light textures on some, just perfection. Just look at the field of clover and that amazing tree, a photographers dream, and now you are off again? Well, have a fantastic time, there will always be time to be home and pick up poop LOL
Love, Lynn


Oh, Sue... this is such a beautiful post. Your words and photographs are magical. One day I hope to visit Georgia! :)


What a nice post. I'm happy for you on your travels and it is so sobering to think of the days gone by and how life is so very different now. I hope you enjoy the mountains just as much. (Are you a golfer? I love it, am terrible and rarely get to go. But, I love the sport)


ooo the lap of luxury ... gorgeous photos Sue

being Cinderella is a good thing!

enjoy your trip to the mountains too!

I am playing catch up with a lot of me still in California ... and yes you are right about Jenner being near Bodega Bay ... we were totally taken with that whole area ... so California and so different from the parts of the east coast that we've seen.

Wendy Wirth

Your pictures are so wonderful, I can only guess how nice it was from them.

Mrs. Magpie

Oh, Sue... what a wonderful, wonderful post! Not only are your pictures some of the best on the net, but the writing, both humor and sentimental, makes it perfect!

I wish I were there right now. I feel a bit like Cinderella,too, this week as there are a mountain of things staring me in the face, and I am the one who has to get them done. No hookey in sight. ;-) But I am thankful each day to live near the ocean in all its magnificent glory. It reminds me daily of what a mighty God we serve and the infinite mercy that is His to bestow on us as His children. I can't look at the ocean without thinking of the hymn, "Holy, Holy, Holy!" with the words, "casting down their golden crowns around the glassy sea." One day! :-)

We had planned to meet up in Sea Island, but one by one, various family members have had surgery this fall so the meeting was postponed. Hopefully soon.

I wish you a wonderful journey to NC! Wish I were there, too. Life is pressing in, and I'm hoping that by this time next year, all of this will be under control, and I will be able to go there to see the leaves with a friend who has a place in Highlands. I give myself LONG periods to "git er done"! It's called being kind to yourself. LOL!

Love you...


Sheila :-)

Cherie Wilson

Dance, Dance Cinderella! XO

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