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Tuesday, November 09, 2010


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OMG, Sue! These pictures are STUNNING!!! LOVE what you've done with them, and can't blame you for playing. I'd love to take Kim's class too, but again, this is NOT the time of year to do it. There's no way I could dedicate the time to it. Good luck with your paint color!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo


Sue! First I have to say that focus is my constant challenge and I mean constant! Which it sounds like you know. But, now, your photos....seriously, you are getting good at this!!! Really good!! Great!!! Is that stool sitting in the water? Is it a swimming pool? All so very gorgeous!!


So beautiful - will you be opening an Etsy shop?
~ Zuzu

Nelly aka Bella Nella

What gorgeous photos! Your creations with the PSE is just stunning. I'm taking the free course that Kim Klassen is giving and I haven't even gotten to doing this much as yet. Truly beautiful and inspiring.

May we use some of your photos or are they copyrighted?



Absolutely beautiful photos ~ I love the textures you've chosen ~ so creative ♥ Thank you for your visit and kind comment Sue!


ooo dear Lady
you've done it again
you have taken these pretty posies to new heights

you know I signed up for Kim's free class last night and need to FOCUS heehee

you totally inspired me and made me think there may be a chance that I could alter photos even a wee bit as well as you ... I would be very happy about that

your pics belong in a magazine spread!
Happy Wednesday to ya ... off to find my way

Mrs. Magpie

Oh, Sue! These are wonderful. I adore pink roses, and I particularly like them when they are soft and full blown. Those are just gorgeous! Love your photos... you are SO talented, and the way you used your chippy chair and window are so neat. I remember the first post I read of yours, and it had that cute tuquoise high chair out by the pool. I thought, now there's a girl with some real talent for photography/art!

I'm with you about not being able to resist flowers from the grocery store. Mr. Magpie even buys them. He loves fresh flowers which is a plus when I come home with them, but grocery store flowers work for me because they are so well priced. Hence you get a lot of bang for the buck!

And of course you may use that gate. I'm flattered that you would.

Sheila :-)

Linda Richter

These are sooooo beautiful! I did the free class that just recently ended with Kim. I loved it. But I barely kept up so I know I can't do the next one that costs! Maybe come January..... I love her classes! You are so inspiring!


With every visit I love you more. Just imagine how much I love you after all of these years.

You are the best.♥♥♥

Heather Kowalski

GORgeous photos! love all the roses and textures you used. They look so beautiful against the blue water.

I always need to tell myself to focus too! xoxo heather

Cynthia Schelzig

What luscious photography....just marvelous!!!

Cherie Wilson

you are sooooooo talented with this photo thing, The colors, oh my! I had to giggle when you spoke about "...maybe it's merely high levels of interest in a multitude of pursuits?" Too funny! You always make me smile dear Sue! Would have loved to play at Silver Bella with you. Maybe another day!? Just glad to see you are so easily entertained and creative at home~ there is a lot to be said for that too! Sending Love!!

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