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Monday, November 08, 2010


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Mrs. Magpie

You have such good taste, Sue, that I would just trust your own judgment. Chances are if you like them painted, someone else will, too, and if they don't, they can strip them some time down the line when everyone is stripping wood twenty years from now. LOL! You know the drill.

Love what you found! Neat piece! And that's a neat thing your son did for you, sanding the chair. Looks great!


Sheila :-)

Mrs. Magpie

P.S. I am really eyeballing our cabinets and thinking they need to be painted white. But that means the countertop has to go, too. So what is a girl to do? It's like a house of cards. LOL!


Sheila :-)

Shelley in SC

Oh my word . . . that new cabinet! and the in-the-process-of-being-refinished chair! Absolutely perfect. Love that french look. Wow, it would be a big leap to take to have the cabinets refinished, but I bet as soon as you leapt you'd never look back!

Thanks for your sweet words on my blog : ). As usual, you have the gift of encouragement.


Having just gone through living with a painter and crew for a week, my advice is to take one step at a time!!! LOL!!! Don't know whether or not I'd have the courage to "distress" or "shabbify" those luscious cherry cabinets!!! But I LOVE the dining room and that wonderful corner cabinet. GEEZE! What a super find!!!

BTW - if you really like the color that you've painted, but it washes out, try going down the color chart to one step deeper. Remember, when you look at your walls, you're seeing them "surround" you. You're not looking at them "up close"!!! (That's my old Interior Design training coming to light!) Hugs, Terri xoxo


I am the worst at deciding on paint colors. One reason why I've gone with a mostly white interior. Ha-haa.
From what you're showing us, Sue, your home is GORGEOUS! I think your hubby is right - do what makes you happy! :)

Karen DeCapite

OK here is my two cents worth. LOL.
I think it would depend on if you are staying in this house forever or have any plans of moving in the near future. If not - PAINT them if that is what you love. But - for resale value - I would leave them cherry.
HARD CALL! They are gorgeous . . . but dh is right - you just need to do what you love.
LOVE the cabinet.
Aren't puppies grand?
:) HAGD! Karen


You know I don't have a problem painting over nice wood however, I think you can have too much of a good thing. I really think the warmth of wood and those cabinets are warm and beautiful!! really adds to a home. There's my 2 cents. It's fun to watch your projects come along!


the spools are priceless colors!
your eye for detail is such a delight ... all around Sue!

I can see the temptation to transform your pretty cherry cabinets, if you're planning on staying in your home for a while ... I say GO FOR IT ... that shell pattern on your new cabinet IS fantastic AND what a great guy sanding a chair for you, there is a lot of detail to work around ... looks perfect in that state too!

Cherie Wilson

Wowie! Love it all. That's my problem. Love the messy painted spools, love the beautiful sanded chair and new fabric, the matching cabinet....and yes, the cherry cabinets. Love your taste.....LOVE it all!! Sorry, I am not much help, and never, ever take me to a candy store. haha!
I had a puppy once chew a cabinet and my hubby took autobody putty and sculpted it back in. You might need to use soemthing else that will allow your finish to look good, but thought it was a gas! Thankyou for sharing this great inspiration Sue. I can't wait to see the fun as you go along!! Happy week!! XO


The cabinet is awesome... Can't wait to see the chairs when they are done!

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