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Thursday, January 13, 2011


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Hope Ellington

.....oh what a lovely blog. I am glad I gave you a chuckle. I quite surprised myself. It just really got to me when I figured it all out. Why I was getting those types of women. I guess you gotta love google.


I can't believe you are still snowed in, Sue! I read that on Tammy's blog this morning. We are getting cold at night (and chilly during the day), but it's supposed to warm up here this weekend. I think it will be in the 70's at some point. Do you think that y'all will start thawing out this weekend? I sure hope so!

I adore the color of that ball jar with the pink of the roses. And I love seeing it against a snowy backdrop. It's been fun seeing the snow pics, but enough is enough. The South is NOT a deep freeze, although you could have fooled me this week.

Hugs to you, my friend, and warm wishes for a quickly melting snow and ice.


Sheila :-)

Linda Richter

Those pink roses are beautiful. So glad you got them. I love your new blog banner...I'm behind in reading blogs, so not sure how long you've had this banner up. It's great though! Happy New Year my friend!

Shelley in SC

Yes, we're facing just about the same kind of weather. Ack, cabin fever!! I just love your roses in the Mason jar. Just love the mixture of the delicate beauty of the roses (lots of them!!!) and the practical, sturdy canning jar. ::sigh:: Your photography is beautiful too!! Hope you can get out and drive around a little tomorrow!!


We've had snow storm after snow storm, and I know how you feel about your roses. In the break between snowstorms, my DH brought home some tulips!!! My heart sang in happiness! What a contrast between those wonderful flowers and the snow in the window's background!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

PS HOpe you start thawing out soon!!!!


Oh no! Four days is quite a long time. Our schools let out early one day, closed the next and were on a two hour delay the third. We still have ice, but not on the roads.

The roses are perfect. Thank you for sharing the smile - and the pink. You should link to Pink Saturday tomorrow.♥


Wowzers. You've done it again, Sue. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos!!!
Stay warm,

Cherie Wilson

Those pink roses were meant just for you! Thankyou so much for the beautiful pictures Sue! We have had snow days and chilly weather here too........a burst of pink does a girl a lot of good now and then. Many happy days of this week to you my dear girl! XO

Autumn Clark

Yes, we made it through 5 days of no school and staying in. Now let's hope for a clear weekend because we are headed to Hot(well, cold)lanta this coming weekend! We were stuck on 85 coming back from Atlanta the other year for almost 5 hours when the snow began! YUCK! Happy winter, my dear!


You are really getting winter walloped this winter aren't you!
Spring will be extra sweet...thank you for bringing beautiful pink roses to an icy gray day here in Virginia my friend! Just perfect how you've tucked them amongst the tree branches...you're pretty hardy too I'd have to say :)


So pretty! And I'm so jealous of the snow! I'd say there's definitely a message there- you can be beautiful and tough at the same time!


Wow, maybe you should come to my area of Canada, we keep getting missed by all the storms :)
The color of your roses is wonderful, great photos Sue, I think they would look great in the snow too.

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