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Sunday, January 23, 2011


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Shelley in SC

This looks so wonderful. I've seen it different places, and the picture alone on the front called to me! I'm going to go take a look. Your pictures are gorgeous . . . as usual : )!!

Mrs. Magpie

This sounds like something I would love, Sue! Thanks for the recommendation, and yoru photography should be included in the book. It's perfection!


Sheila :-)


WOW Sue ... I am speechless!
Thank you for starting my week so thoughtully and beautifully...it is always a delight to "visit" with you Dear One!


Oh Sue....you absolutely outdid yourself. Very, very, beautiful!!
(on a side note, and not to take away from my comment above...did you ever make a Remains of the Day Journal?)


It sounds perfect. Thanks for the recommendation.

How about those Devils?!♥

Cherie Wilson

Thankyou for the reminder of this book Sue! If you say it is good then it is good, dear girlie. I do love this gal Ann Voscamp and her posts and her soulful words of beauty. So glad you shared this.

Linda Richter

Well, that sounds wonderful. I hadn't heard of this book....adding to my list. Thank you!

Eva-Maria Araujo

Sue, this book looks and sounds lovely.
I will be looking for it.
Right now I also could go for a bunch of roses.
The snow keeps coming and Spring seems far away.
Flowers always cheer me up.
I am glad Atlanta is doing better with the weather now.
Warm greetings,


Just stopping by to let you know I miss you.

Shake out something pink, and come play with us tomorrow.♥

Autumn Clark

Beautiful. You are making me want to go back out in the rain, drive 30 mins. to the nearest bookstore and cuddle up all evening to this one. So glad it spoke to you. xx

Mrs. Magpie

sue, i'm dropping by to say h-ppy v-lentine's d-y. no, this isn't code. well, it sort of is. my 'puter is sticking keys. do you know how difficult it is to type without the letter '-' rhymes with 'hey'. lol.

i will be off the blogs when this goes in so will see you when i return. check my blog for info or not. your choice. ;-p

hope your v d-y is full of love plus wonderful surprises.

love you...


mrs. m.

Kim Klassen

oh my gosh Sue so happy to know someone else who loves the book. I have been listening to the audio versions. i have the hard copy as well. so pretty... so amazing... 'sigh'

and this post is extraordinary...as are you.

xxo, Kim
p.s. i'm in for italy. :)


This reminds me of something that Twaya Tharp wrote that spoke to me. She is a choreographer and she reflected that when she was in the studio awaiting the arrival of the dancers there was a quiet time. She creates a picture of a large open space with white walls and large windows with natural light pouring in and here she sits waiting and as time approaches the dancers being to roll in with high energy and readiness. Her job is to harness the energy and fill the quiet space with beauty.....Cool huh?

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