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Saturday, March 26, 2011


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Sue, Sue, Sue -- you tickled me pink. Your Ralphie has me laughing out loud lol -- Silliness is next to Godliness if the meaning is joyful! So stay silly sue. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Like the way your mind works. I can just imagine this is not what you set out to do or was it? did you find Chrismas Story and wanted the picture of Ralphie and it reminded you of the glasses, so you put some on or did you remember the glasses and knew the outcome; either way brilliant my dear. Kudos PS Terri www.morningdewdrops.typepad.com


Very cute bunny ears! Thanks for stopping by and Happy Pink Saturday to you!



I love those bunny ears! HPS! Have a terrific weekend!

Francie Thornton

Now THAT is an Easter hat! and perfect for pink Saturday :))


Happy Pink Saturday, my dear friend. I am extra extra happy to have you with us today. I know you are a girl with a pink heart. And, a Duke Blue heart, too. Now, if only that wrong shade of blue team would loose. Oops! I guess that makes me a terrible person.

Sue, no one but you would come up with such a fun idea. And, then to create a Ralphie! I love it.

And, I love the phlox. My husband and I were just discussing that we should plant some because we always enjoy seeing it in Spring.


ROFL,(first time I've ever used that)! It just feels good to be silly now and again! Happy Pink! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs


Oh my.. I must admit I never thought I would see a head when scrolling down your blog.. lovely bunny ears.. Ralphie is my fav.. funny


You WERE getting silly!! Good thing, once again, your kids are older, not only would your boots embarrass them, the doll heads rolling around the garden would have terrified them!!! LOL!! Fun post!

Shelley in SC

You are a hoot, Sue! Those dear little doll heads looked quite spiffy in their Easter finery : ). Yes, yes, loving the phlox right now. It's coating yards all over town here too. Mmmm, love the colors. Thanks for the little Easter preview : )!

Autumn Clark

Just love your silly post. The hat is fantastic!!! I never knew that plant was called phlox, but have it growing on our hillside. Always a reminder to me that Easter's on its way! My absolute FAVORITE holiday!!! Happy spring to you!
Autumn Clark


OMG... you are too funny :) What a lovely post, you have me grinning ear to ear!


as much as I adore flowers I almost missed your lovely phlox for the precious bunny ears and doll heads...I Love your Silly Sue side
this post is absolutely charming...no surprise tho...really!


I have to admit that I am a little creeped out by your photos - but in a good way! Love your silliness!


How did I miss this??? What a scream! XO

Linda Jo

I love your doll heads with rabbit ears. Now I have to go back to Target and buy those ears I saw!!!!

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