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Thursday, March 10, 2011


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Hip Hip Hooray!
You've made my day.

That was a rhyme. Did you notice? Please appreciate the depth of my poetry skills.

And, how is it that you've made my day? 1) because I am so happy to come here and find your smiling face, and 2) because I am in love with every single one of these images. Is it okay to want one of everything?

Oh, and that bicycle! I have been yearning for one for years. I want to put it next to our bridge. Wouldn't that be pretty?

Linda Richter

I do love PB!!! Thanks for sharing these! Love what's outside your window, too. I've been a rather absent blogger myself!


Ooohhhhh, Sue!!!! This luscious post is chock full of yummy Spring eye candy! I'm drooling all over my keyboard!!! We're experiencing a gray, rain day, and here in the northern part of the US, I just saw my first crocuses earlier this week. We're a bit away from anything "in bloom", so I truly enjoyed living vicariously. Stunning pictures!!! Hugs, Terri xoxox

Jill Ruskamp

Sue, I'm going to wrap my pots in burlap now! Or just sew my own pots out of burlap! Love those. Now, about those photos of yours..my oh my..lovely! Did you buy Kim's new big collection? I did but now to get the time to play with them.

Cherie Wilson

These are the happiest images! So good for the backdrop of our rather gray sky here today, Sue! You've inspired me to make a fun tablescape now. Yikes! Which is huge for me...........the decorating thing gets me. I want to grow in this area of art! You inspire me so!! So yes, I agree, I would pick YOU for a neighbor too and then we would decorate and make SheArt canvases all the time together! Can't wait to see what you are up to next dear girl!

Autumn Clark

This week I had 20 mins. to spare in the city and popped into PB just to walk around and soak up the inspiration! It was a wonderful little break. I picked up a grab bag of 10 nests at the thrift store for $2 and hope to create a similar tablescape. Wish me luck! Love your photos as well. Happy Spring!!! xx


thank you for the gorgeous dose of Spring splendor both from PB AND outside your window...too too lovely and sweet to behold!

we are just in the crocus daffodil stage here in N VA...all of the bouncy Robins promise that Spring is just around the corner tho...ahhh



You have flowers blooming already? Oh you are soooo lucky. I am in love with the Roses I saw on Flickr and plan on finding some.
You have really inspired me with all of these photographs, I think I will go in the basement and find my Easter decor LOL. If I could choose something, it would be all of the white bunnies, just perfect for my dining room table :)
Not sure if we even have Pottery Barn in Ontario.

Beats Headphones

Nice photos. Reminds me when i was in college. urban setting getting about in the city. Bicycle is the way.

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