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Thursday, March 24, 2011


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Kim Klassen

so many blessings....
and such fabulous photos....

love...and happiness... xxo, Kim


Yes, yes, yes. Go Duke! I am not loving the start time of this game. How in the world will I get up to go to work in the morning?

I am not getting at sitting to watch television either. Thank goodness for dvr allowing me to fast forward through anything we record. But, no dvr for my boys. I'll be watching them real time. And, I will be thinking of you - like we're watching and being a nervous wreck together.

Now, go outside and play in those darling boots. What do our kids know anyway?♥


it's clear you are having a really good time on all fronts dear Sue

what a fun post!

your french knot flower medallions are so sweet!
you inspire me again and again!

lucky you in the midst of spring loveliness...we had a hard frost last night...brrrr...poor cherry blossoms

oh and your Maidenhair Fern is so pretty...I used to have one and thought the dark stems so pretty with the delicate tender green

so much fun!
you've made me hungry too ;)

Cherie Wilson

Sue you are just too sweet. Really! So are your medallions and those rockin bee boots! Thankyou for continually blessing me with your words and works of your hands! I couldn't think of a finer recipient of Amy's good gift. Enjoy the game(s) .....GO SUE, I say......and now just when i was bitten with the beading bug, I am now bitten by your stitching bug too!

Linda Jo

Go Duke!!!! I love those flowers stitched on the batting! Those are wonderful! I've been meaning to pick my embroidery up again...have done none of it this calendar year. I think I know what I'm gonna do!!! Love your blooming tree picture, too.


What a great package! Now, what are you going to do with those beautiful patchwork pieces and lovely flowers you are stitching?! (more of a UConn fan myself...)


those little quilted pieces are awesome...I love how you stitched them...just beautiful..! and your photos are gorgeous..!I found you through...?..I cant remember..Lol..anyway nice to meet you..!

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I say......and now just when i was bitten with the beading bug, I am now bitten by your stitching bug too!

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