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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


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lorraine lewis

so beautiful- all of it and I love your banner- so pretty!


Your first image is stunning! Great capture & the texture just makes it! :)

Kim Klassen

oh you... i just love you!! thank you for the sweetness... and oh my... these are so pretty... 'sigh'...
i'm so excited to see spring here... but I will soak up a little of yours.... while i wait..

xxo, Kim


Great work. Wonderful colors. Wish I had a blossom to behold in my yard. I will have to wait another 30 days or so it seems. ;) Happy Tues.


Beautiful! Sounds like we have the same story--Kim is my hero:). Your blog is just wonderful!


I love Pink Trees :~) And I love how you combined the actions with Kim's textures! The yellow blossoms in the background add a lovely bit of sunshine! I'm just waiting for the the weather to improve here in Portland, too, and then I will be out all day with my camera :~)

Mrs. Magpie

Girl, you are talking a foreign language here, but I love it! What gorgeous photos. You are a marvel.

One (actually two) more things we have in common... I adore red bud trees and spring! I also adore your photos.


Sheila :-)


Lovely work, your images are so pretty!


Beautiful!!! I won't even think about how much fun you are having outside. We had a red bud tree and sadly, it died. You really gave the photo a surreal feel with great depth. Happy gardening!!!


Hi Sue, I love them both so much, and again , through you, I have found another new flower I love for my garden, which is just a flat space right now. I can't wait until we can get some landscaping done. You have some beautiful flowers in your garden and your work always inspires me.
Love your blog header btw :)
Thank you for visiting my texture tuesday, this is going to be fun.


ooo redbuds blooming already...lucky you!
your photos are sheer magic
I am hoping one day to unclutter my brain and jump into one of Kim's classes...you know I did sign up and then my world fell apart and there you have it...timing is everything AND Kim is definitely THE teacher for me

thank you dear Sue

I have some white Scabiosa in the garden and adore the violet blue too...hoping they return again this year

Lovely new blog header...you are a PS Queen my Lady!


Such a great texture combination on the red bud! Love the warmth the processing adds. =)


I love these. And, that is it. You need to come over right now and teach me to be smart like you.♥

Shelley in SC

Love, love, love pictures with textures added. Makes me feel like I could just walk into the picture!! Your flowers are gorgeous! Thanks for the recommendation.


Oh my! I just sat and stared at your beautiful photos! And I love it that you told us what textures you used. I'm going to have to copy, I mean try those on my own. I don't know anything about actions and I'm not sure my old PSE will handle them. Now I can't wait until something blossoms around here.

Thanks for beautifying my morning!


Hi, Miss Sue! I'm back to let you know that Mr. Magpie also loved your artwork with this post. He thought it was neat.


Sheila :-)

Linda Jo

I love all of these! That pincushion flower would be great as a greeting card!!! You should look into doing that! (and then send me one...or sell them in etsy - an even better idea) hee hee

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I love these. And, that is it. You need to come over right now and teach me to be smart like you.♥


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