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Thursday, April 14, 2011


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Sue, I love what you're doing, and you are my kind of painter! :-)

You go, girl!


Sheila :-)

Shelley in SC

Haha! This was cute, Sue! Love how those gorgeous chairs are turning out!! Show us the robin's egg blue some time. Mmmm! Love your eclectic, random approach to your painting. You know it suits me to a tee!!


I have stuff sitting around all the time half done waiting for the ideas that are swirling...more for me, though, they really get pushed back. I love that you just paint up samples everywhere. I do however use drop cloths, yes, because I can get distracted and I won't say sloppy because I'm not, but I can/do have accidents. Oh, that would be clumsy wouldn't it? Isn't nice to have curio girl know you so well? I think your art class sounds wonderful, may have to check it out sometime! Can't wait to see your final piece and keep posting of the process, this is fun.


thank you for the smiles and giggles dear Sue
I must say what you're doing seems perfectly normal to me and just look at the great results you get coloring outside the lines...keep up the wonderful work and play!!!!

happy weekend to you and yours!


OMGosh, Sue. This is soooo cool. Wish I could go at things the same way you do, but according to Hubby (who is home all the time), there are only two seasons in the Colorado high country. Winter and Painting season. It's still Winter here, but I have a ton of painting projects planned, including painting the armoire a muted/frenchy/robin eggs blue. Would love to know what swatch you've chosen.

I'll be back to see how you're doing.



You always amaze me. Hurry up so you can come do some pretty things at my house, too.♥

Cherie Wilson

hahahahhh! It's the only way to do art....here, there, over there....oh another idea....gotta do this now..........I love it! Until I have to clean it up or have company over:) Your She art is soooo cute! she has bloomers!!! And your photo doll's quote....priceless! Just like you Sue! Sending Love! Keep painting.....whatever whenever, k?!


Sue, I love your doll's comments. That's a riot. I hate to think what my toys would say about me. It's a good thing I have their mouths gagged. ;-)

Can't wait to see where the new look takes you...


Sheila :-)


Knock, knock! I am in need of a "Sue fix". ♥

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Love how those gorgeous chairs are turning out!!

Chase Conely

The curio collection is amazing! How long have you been collecting? My sister is also into collecting beautiful objects, and she has a collection of angel figurines. Come to think of it, her collection also serves as decorative elements in her home.

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