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Monday, April 11, 2011


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Kim Klassen

gasp!! aaaaack.... oh my gosh... i need this paint.... 'sigh' wow...love the transformations....and you make me giggle. :)
i'm crossing my fingers they ship to canada..... off to find out more!!

yay! happy monday! xxo, Kim


You did a great job on that chair, Sue. That being said, I love the new ones, too! Can you use them both? Can you put the distressed ones in your breakfast area and the new ones in your DR? I worry about the seats on those, but Sue, that's what slipcovers are for. I have them and have never regretted it... until the cleaners shrunk them. Supposedly, they drycleaned them, but I think they sent them through the laundry. Now, they are a little shorter in the skirt, but they still work for me!

That's cool paint!


Sheila :-)

Vicki Shoemaekr

Note from an Annie Sloan "Stockist" in CA - this paint is amazing! To save your home from AFTER waxing, sand and then clear again, play with the dark wax to work into the grooves, etc...and you can then take some of the dark wax back off by applying more clear wax...AND try crackling the paint! Just with the hairdryer...it is amazing! Want more info? Check out the Annie Sloan web site and call or email your nearest stockist. We are trained, have paint, and do ship! I even ship to Canada!

Vicki Shoemaekr

Let me clarify that last comment....to save your home from chalk dust flying, sand AFTER applying clear wax!!

Linda Jo

I love that paint!!! I have a table sitting here waiting for me to paint it. I must go watch those videos. I like both chairs, Sue. But I REALLY love the painted ones! Can't believe you are putting them in the basement. Also love your new banner. I need to watch my Kim videos again and start playing in photoshop...I need more hours!


Sue, you did an amazing job with the old chairs. They are so fabulous!!! I'll have to check out this chalk paint - I love it so. And "no prep" is a huge time saver. Thanks for the recommendation, and good luck with the spaghetti-eating guys!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo


Wow, you've been busy! You did a heck of a great job. I think I'd be intimidated to paint such nice chairs. Painting is always one of those things that I'm always wishing it went a little better for me. And, I think your new chairs are awesome too. What does your table look like? Did you need to get a new table to match the chairs?

Cherie Wilson

Oh thanks for sharing!! I NEED this inspiration!! And permission to change my mind too! You rock Sue:)
Can't wait to see your new additions! XO


LOL! Crowns as hood ornies? That, my dear, is a master stroke!

Now, I want to go find a car that looks like that one and paste a little crown on the hood. What would they do if I picked them up in a car like that??? I'm thinking I want one. Would you ride with me, Sue???


Sheila :-)

furniture dry cleaning

You can pick up some dark wax with a wax clearer ... And try to paint crackling! Only with a hair dryer ... It 's amazing! Want to know more? Check the website of Annie Sloan and call or e-mail to your nearest dealer. We have been trained in the paint, and make a start! I did not even ship to Canada!


well that paint sounds AND looks fabulous...what a perfect advert you would be...inspiring everyone ... I think I NEED some paint like that :)


Kim Klassen

hello sweet friend.... just popping back...is the white you used...old white? the sample chip, looks very yellow? and your white looks white. :)

xxo, kim


So tell me more about this paint! It is pretty pricey so does it cover in 1 coat so a quart goes far? Do you recommend the dark wax or the clear or is both needed? And do you really need that special brush? What color of white did you use? I'm so excited to try this paint but would like a user to tell me to go for it!

Your chairs are just beautiful and the hutch is going to be fantastic! I'm glad to see that someone else has a hard time making decisions too! lol

Hugs ~~ Connie


Anxious to see how this piece is turning out.

I must say, the dark wax is NOT working for me but I am using Fiddes while waiting for the Hannants but I read they are very similar. Zero flow, just goes on and absorbs anywhere I put it. Can't wipe it off, etc. And yes I did clear wax first. IDK. I'm just not seeing it working and might just add stain to the clear wax?

cheap wardrobes

You did a really great work in here. And I learned so much form this blog. Thanks


It is so cool. You can save a lot with that chalk paint.

Lisa Barry

Thanks for the wonderful info!!! Can you please share with me how the piece feels after waxing? My waxed pieces (with Annie Sloan's clear wax) feels a little "sticky" or "waxy." I am not sure what the finished piece is supposed to feel like :) Thank you!

Stephanie Tarver

I just received my order of chalk paint and can't wait to paint.
Love your items they are beautiful!

SEO Reseller

Nice post! I liked the way you get to the point - which is always useful. Most blogs are a bit too verbose for me, this one fits nicely. Cheers!

Decking Oil

Wow. This Chalk Paint has completely changed the look of this chair. I really like your work. Keep on posting such stuff. Thanks.

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