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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


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I noticed your photo at Kims Cafe right away :)

Ohhhh Sue, these are gorgeous, I love the composition with your bottles and that old chair, I am sure your garden always looks magical. Here I am starting over from scratch and so excited to start soon.
You inspired me with one of your photos to look for some Pin cushion flowers, used in my post today, thank you :)

Gretchen L.

Stunning! I love purple! I envy your purple bottle collection.

Kim Klassen

hello dear friend.......
oh my gosh... i adore clematis.... sooo soooo much!!! We are hoping to give it another go.... didn't have a lot of luck with it on the east side of our house.....
and oh my gosh...the wind today.... ugh.... it just blew down our poor old giant pine tree that has been slanting a little more each year........ i felt it go boom.... so thankful Ben wasn't in the yard.... 'sigh'.... or that it didn't land on our house!! Thank you God!!
I really hope there were no baby's nesting in there. :(

I'm jabbering....

I adore your photos... in every single....beautiful way!
xxo, kim


Hi Sue, I love the combination of the purple bottles and the clematis. Just gorgeous!!

a box of chocolates

loving the purple bottles with that sonnet texture lovin it

Mom Photographer

Every single shot is AMAZING!!! LOVE them all! Such a beautiful compositions! Those purple bottles with those flowers. So creative!

Jenni Connolly

Love the chair, clematis combo..they look beautiful together. Also love the texturing, must look at that 'magic' texture.
I have tried quite a few times to grow clematis...no luck yet!

Julie Legg Photo

LOVE your clematis and your purple bottles!!! All your photos are beautiful on this site. Nice work. Thanks for commenting on my blog too. Can't wait to see what you come up with next Tuesday. Blessings!

Sherilyn Koss

Breath-taking Sue! I LOVE PURPLE GLASS and this posting is simply perfection to me! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful art!
Sherilyn at Clear Crick Cottage


Oh My Dear Sue ... stunning and breathtaking photos...what a lovely garden you must have
I find the seedheads of the clematis very magical too!
Happy June to you and yours!

Terri Kahrs

Gorgeous!!! When I spied the clematis in my 'feed', I had to stop by for a closer look and am so happy that I did. Your captures are magnificent!!! Hugs, TErri xoxo


What a beautiful garden! Love the purple jars with this! Awesome photos!


Oh my, what beautiful yumminess this all is! I love your photos, your flowers, your textures and those pretty purple bottles too. Sooo pretty much the whole thing. Your clematis looks just like mine...jackmanii, I think it is.

Kathy Jones

Oooo....love the purple. These are fabulous shots and I love the use of the texture...gives it that vintage look and feel.

Thanks for sharing.



These are amazing photo's; the colors, the scenery, the use of textures. I love it!


Amazing ! The green and purple works so well togheter !


I have one stragly clematis but planted another this year...just can't remember which little twig it was! Your photos are beautiful! The bottles look so neat on the teal stool.


WOW! These are stunning! I adore the vintage bottles! (Purple is my favorite color!)

Pandora Charms

What a beautiful garden,i love it


oh how I love these photos. I've been taking from Kim also. I need to get busy and do the texture tuesday.

Rob Feckler

Now I appreciate the color purple a lot more because of the flowers and the bottles. They do have same tone as the natural color of blooming flowers. What are you going to do with them after the shoot?

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