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Friday, May 20, 2011


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Oh you naughty thing YOU!
I was so excited that I could now get hot off the press updates when you posted...that only worked because you had WP...ever so briefly...sniff sniff

You are worth hunting down :)...so I shall continue that here.

CTomlinson is so much fun to watch...Love her messy play with amazing results...her classes must be super too!
Looking forward to your take on her class.

I have always wanted to know HOW to get a copy of my blog...is it complicated? Mr M is asking what kind of file is it that you save it as...obviously he's heard enough of me pining for a copy of my bbb.

Happy May Weekend to you and yours!


I'm liking the new look Sue! And I am so using your pretty frames! Thanks!


First of all thanks for the free frame images. They look like fun and since Kim, I certainly know how to use layers :) But, the wishy washy thing...to me that is FREEDOM...you feel free to try, change, back up, and learn. That is a blessing. NOT wishy washy at all!

Terri Kahrs

So lovely! And thank you, thank you for the beautiful frames. Let's face it . . . . it's a woman's privilege to change her mind!!! Hugs, Terri xoxoxo


Oh - those are great frames, Sue. I just visited your flickr - gorgeous!
Have a great week!
~ Zuzu


Sue, I will follow where you lead, and I am thankful that you leave us a breadcrumb trail so we can easily find you.

You know I am a longtime TypePad fan.♥

Thank you for always sharing so generously. I love these.

I hope to see you at The Pink Birthday this weekend.

Pandora Charms

So lovely! And thank you, thank you for the beautiful frames.I love them

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