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Friday, May 27, 2011


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Oh my gosh...just looking at that photo with the ladies and the bees makes me faint...The photos of your florals are stunning!! Gorgeous Texture...I love them, and your blog is so delightful!

charlotte wilson

Your photos are absolutely breathtaking! I love the ones with the bees especially!

All the best,

charlotte wilson

Linda Jo

Sue...your blog is looking so wonderful. Those photos take my breath away. You should be selling those.

Kristy Life n Reflection Photography

Bee-utiful images!! Love your texture work too!

Terri Kahrs

OMG, Sue! Your photos have are magnificent!!! Can't believe you braved the 50mm with that bee so close, but the captures were well worth the effort. Thanks too, for the tips on bees. I'm going to try the brown paper bag trick. For some reason, hornets and wasps are attracted to our deck. Geeze . . . . do you think it could be because of all of the flowers and shrubs I have planted on it!?!?!? LOL!!! Hope you have a happy, relaxing weekend! Hugs, Terri xoxox


So many very, very, very pretty photos Sue! And I'm glad you are playing along at A Rosy Note! Did you paint that lovely yellow chair with chalk paint? I'm working on my second piece and am loving it!

Have a wonderful long weekend!

Hugs ~~ Connie

Cherie Wilson

What?! Bee's? I agree......not my favorite. I did like the movie secret lives of bees....bet the book is even better. Still, your post is a beautiful anthology, even if you are not the bestest friend of bees. Thankyou for your sweet colors and I can almost smell the flowers now! Don't blame the bees a bit. Enjoying the outdoors thru your blog, Sue. Still gray and rainy here! Your post is a true bit of sunshine! Happy Long weekend to you!! XOXOX

Janet (shabbyfufu)

Just gorgeous! We have so many bees right now and I've been a bit afraid to get too close....so t/u for the tips!


Dawn... The Bohemian

Your Photography is outstanding! Loving the Bee photos and glad you faced that fear in order to capture such amazing photos of them! I never had a fear of Bees even though I'm allergic to them... but here in Arizona most of our Bees are Africanized and a lot more aggressive so you have to be more cautious than around the American Honeybee.

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


Wow, your images are truly stunning, including the shot of the bee. You are an amazing photographer!

Best wishes and happy Pink Saturday,


ooo you do have a way with flowers and beezy weezies too!
who knew ;)
Gorgeous photos Sue...breathtaking...AND when I scrolled down and saw the bee cover ladies YIKES!

one thing I have learned from our nature boy son is to not swat at bees...so counter intuitive...but I am trying...the last few days I have had to open our mailbox with a flourish...our neighbor across the street yelled "Are you OK!!!!"...Yes, I replied, we've had a wasp trying to build a nest in the mailbox for a couple of days, so I am being VERY careful...

I think I finally discouraged him by knocking his nest down twice...found out I have good reflexes and a nice longgggg broom handle gave me a little courage too hahaa!

well you got me going with your beautiful bees...must take another lookie look before I get back to going through some boxes of my Mom's things..sniff sniff

Happy Weekend to you and yours Dear One!


Happy Pink Saturday! I love the photos - when I came to the first bee I couldn't figure out what it was at first, the flower was throwing me off - what an awesome blossom. The first bee blew me away but the second was even better. I helped x-inlaws w/their apiary a long time ago. I got used to the hives and bees, to some degree. Was neat to extract and process the honey. Don't like hornets at all - neat idea about the bag - wonder if it works. Great post. Enjoyed my visit! Thanks, Jenn

June Makes Six

Your photography style is so beautiful....love visiting your blog. Have a great weekend.



Oh my goodness! Your photos are so amazingly beautiful. I love the colors and the composition...it's all picture perfect. Thanks so much for sharing your post at Photo Feature Friday. Hope you're having a good weekend :)



Happy Pink Saturday, my sweet Sue. We have been sharing pink together since almost the very beginning. Thank you for making Pink Saturday what it is today. It wouldn't be the same without you. ♥

You know I love all of these exquisite shots. And, now I have learned that you are a very brave lady. The bee ladies make shivers run up my back.


Sue your blog is absolutely gorgeous. I have been going through some of your posts just drooling over all of your amazing photos. Such a talent.

a box of chocolates

oh wow those bee shots are amazing your photography is wonderful so glad to have found this little haven in blogland

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Manila Flowers

I'm so bothered by those girls surrounded by bees. It looks scary. Anyway, this Pink Saturday theme is cool especially when mixed with pink flowers. I really adore the flowers here 'cause of their color and simplicity to make me smile.

Rebecca Goodwin

Great photos!!! and those ladies with bees i was like whoa they're so brave. I think they put honeys all over to attract nos. of bees. Amazing!!

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