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Friday, July 15, 2011


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Linda Jo

oh my goodness. I do remember pics of yours from last year.... but these are so amazing. My room does NOT look like that. Even when I clean it up it isn't that wonderful. Could you come photograph it, would THAT help? You are so organized!! And you have so much of the good stuff!!! I can't believe how big that dress form is.....ya gotta love THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm showing these pics to my husband!!!!

Terri Kahrs

Love, Love, LOVE your studio! If mine were 1/2 as gorgeous, I'd never ever want to leave it!!! Lots of eye candy and organization to admire and drool over! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Melanie Statnick

wow! you have an amazing amount of treasure! What a great space

cindy craine

O-M-G!!!!!!!!!! I love it I love it i love it! Come over to see me at Lilly's Lace because I too have doll heads all over the place. It doesn't look as good as yours but I love every photo!! It looks so huge! Is it the entire attic of your house? I have major stuff and space envy! Lord have mercy I feel faint, great job! :)


Oh Sue it's great to visit your space again. You have such fun stuff and the organization is awesome! I have a couple of dress forms but the big one that you have that you can pin into is soooo neat. I love her. Have you named her? And, what do you do with your doll parts? Are you just a collector of them or do you do assemblages? (I won't tell you what my kids said when they saw the picture of the doll parts as I was on your blog) Thanks for the updated pictures...I'm going back to peruse some more!


Oh my, I though this was my sewing/craft room for a minute. I feel better now that someone else has as much ..... as me : )

Cynthia Schelzig

What a world of treasures!!! I would love to spend a day there:) Thanks for your comment on my marble paper....yes, I make my own. An easy,,,but full of procedures process....and of course the air pockets...ouch,,,but when they remain small I still use them. Air between the water and contact to paper. I bind all kinds of books...good luck in your binding class.....look out ,,it is addicting:) but with your treasure cove of goodies I think you can relate:) I will eventually do a "quickie" version of marble paper as a tutorial on my blog.....wishes for a grand weekend!!

debbie york

Talk about "dress for success"...your mani is rocking it! I can tell from these photos, you are a girl with a great outlook on life and a sense of whimsy.
I've seen bottle racks used for a lot of purposes, but never for crack head babies! Reckon they had one too many and lost their heads?
Love every inch of your room.


I would lock myself in your special room and NEVER COME OUT...beyond amazing and wonderful and of course your photos of anything at all always delight...you know I am Loving your doll head tree...WOWEE!

thank you for a splendidly lovely tour of your creative space!


p.s. art studio heaven might be another name for it ;)


Oh my ... what great collections you have.


WOW!!! A definite favorite so far! LOVE love love your creative space and every vignette and area. So very pretty. We have a lot in common with our love for vintage. I want to come over and PLAY!
Thanks so much for sharing.

Thespoena McLaughlin

I love your space. So much eye candy it would take a very long time to see it all. LOVE IT! Wish I could come for a real visit! Hugs!


So many wonderful treasures! I'd love to come and play in your beautiful room with you but I would have to keep my back to the doll heads stuck on the drying rack. All of those eyes looking at me . . .

Hugs ~~ Connie

Shelley in SC

Sue ~ ~ This work room is amazing . . . AMAZING!! It is gorgeous and eye-delighting and fun and inspirational. Thanks for sharing. You are quite the artist! (Love the pictures too!)


Hi Sue...I LOVE THIS STUDIO!!!! I am a lover of vintage and your collection has got to be the biggest and best so far! I love the clever ways you display all of those gorgeous treasures and I admit it...I am doing some serious coveting of all of that eye candy. I could seriously get lost in there for weeks and be very happy. Love the saying on the wall, too. Well, my little studio can not hold a candle to yours, but I would love for you stop by. I am definately going to be following you and would like to have you on my sidebar as one of my favorite blogs! thanks for sharing! bertie

cindy craine

ok I'm back and you by far have one of the best spaces and I've been through them all! I'm exhausted and my computer is starting to overheat but I had to come back and tell you again how much I loved it! It's 2:15am, I'm going to bed! I'll be having dreams about all the rooms I have seen and your's will certainly be one of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


WOW! I love that you have all your stuff "out" to enjoy. I'm working on it. But I have ugly plastic shelving... I might have to find a way to dress it up.


I remember your space from last year, Sue. I was amazed then and I'm amazed now! May I move in?

Lisa H.

I loved *seeing* your stuff--so important to me, too!


Sue, i love how light and soft your room is -- that pale blue on the walls is a delight. And so many neat things to discover... but that little metal grater was especially fun.

connie k.

wow..I love all this..I can tell you are a treasure hunter extraordinaire! What a great collection of vintage treasures...I love ..love ..love all the dolls...I would love to find some of those...I am in serious awe!
Thanks for sharing ...fabulous.
Connie K...aka (the girl cave)


Oh my... I see several extra seats at the table... ;-) Oh how I'd love to pop on over for a crafting afternoon......or, actually just enjoying checking everything out.. You're my kind of chickie.... Too much is never enough!

Warm blessings,

Norma (fairyyellowbug)

Your pyramid of doll heads are fabby and over the top. I love them. I love your studio space. Gosh you have a lot of interesting things to work with. Love it. *smiles* Norma

Karen Valentine

Oh be still my heart!!!! This is one of my favorite studio's so far!! I love everything about it!! Thank you soooo much for sharing it with everyone again!!!! Have a wonderful week!!


That bottle rack with the heads is just crazy!! Love it! Yours was one of my favorite studios last year and it is again this year. I especially like the 3-D mannequin inspiration board - she would certainly inspire me! I would like to win one of those contests, you know the one….. where they give you a bag and whatever you fill it up with in 5 minutes you get to keep……AND the contest is in your studio! oh la la!!!

Lynn richards

Holy moly!!!!! What a stunning visual delight! The rest of your blog is delightful as well and your sweet personality shines through it all. I will be back for more!!


Oh my goodness gracious!!! Your space is a DREAM!!!!! Talk about vintage-aholic, girl! No...not the worst kind. That's one of the best spaces I've visited, if not the best! I was drooling and ooo-wing and aww-ing!
Can I come over and play? LOL.
Anyway, you got something going there girlfriend. I'll be back soon.
I'm your newest stalker, I mean lurker, no...I meant admirer!
Thanks for sharing!


You have a lovely craft room, I love your bottle dryer rack!!!! So many vintage things to ew and aw over!!! Thanks for sharing!!!


Wow! You have a wonderful studio just overflowing with inspiration. Love the Christmas on top of the cabinet and the laces and, and... !


OH MY, OH MY, OH MY..... What a beautiful art space.!!! Im so going straight to ebay to buy myself a mannequin!!! I so love that look. Great blog!! Thanks for sharing. Truly inspiring. Hugs --Sandie


I am speechlessly in awe! What a large and fun space you have. I too am a visual person have keep most of what I work with out! I so enjoyed visiting your amazing space...thanks so much for sharing it again with us!
Be blessed, Lorena

karla nathan

This is a post I'll want to come back and savor! So many pretty details.

Tamatha Kaplan

Wow! Your room is gorgeous and full of so many treasures!! Thanks for a great tour and thank you for visiting my blog too!

Terri G.

Now this is one creative space!! I'm overwhelmed by all the beautiful supplies. Wow! Thanks so much for the lovely tour of your creative studio!


What a fantastically inspiring craft room/studio!!! I need one of these very badly! LOVE!!

Cherie Wilson

Sue! It has been SO.MUCH.FUN gazing at your beautiful room! Both your heart and your vision are stunning! Truely blessed to have you in blog land. Thank you for this tour. Sending a hug!


Wow, I love all your treasures and your creative space. Thanks for the tour!


wowza!! your studio is awesome and just packed with eye candy!! kind of like an eye candy store! you have inspired me to pull out some of my trinkets so i can see them......love the idea of hanging things on a mannequin.

Rita Barakat

So many goodies in one space! Love it!!!!


Love, love all of your vintage stuff. The room is fantastic.
Thanks for the tour.


What a WONDERFUL space....you must have a bit of everything! I love all the vintage loveliness. The addition of the skirt to the white table was an excellent idea! It looks beautiful. I also love the old white bread box. Thanks for sharing your beautiful space and your blog. I'll be back to visit again!


It's me again ~ I forgot to mention that I LOVE your dress forms!! Someday I hope to find one for myself. Your Crepe Myrtle is beautiful ~ how nice of her to be in bloom for the show!!


Your beautiful space is another one that feels like I've just walked into a one of kind boutique; so dreamingly stunning. Thank you for a lovely tour of your space and thanks for sharing your artwork with us.

Debbie burkey

Don't know how I missed you on my first go round! WOW, you have some great ideas for display and your collections! The entire room is wonderful! So much to look at and admire! You've done a great job! That's a great creative space. Thanks for sharing.



Wow, wow, wow, your creative space is absolutely amazing! I love your collection of vintage doll heads, and your dressforms are just gorgeous. I love how you've transformed it into your inspiration "board". Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your space and stopping by to see mine:)




Lovely space! I love the flowers from your myrtle tree outside peeking in. It's like a tree house. Your things are all out there to be seen but they are in such nice vignettes that it looks lovely. I'm not as good at that but I need to practice.


Hi my name is Rebecca and I am also a vintage-aholic. I love your space and how you wonderfuly decorated it with all your vintage treasures. I am always searching the thrift and second hand stores for vintage goodies. I get so excited when I find something I just can't waite to go again. If thats not addiction I don't know what is. Thanks for sharing your beautiful space.



ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!! I am inspired :-)


O MY!!

What a fantastic space!! So full of so mnay great storage and display ideas!!
Loved my visit here!!



I love the fact you can see all of your wonderful supplies for creating. Your space is absolutely wonderful. I just love all the vintage!

Shelly Hickox

Your studio is so gorgeous!! I'm getting ready for a big redo of mine and your pics gave me some much-needed inspiration. Thank you!!

cindy craine

SUE! Holy crap on toast! I remember you from last year! You were the one that got me started collecting doll heads! I loved how they looked in your studio and I started that day! I have copied all the photos of your studio because I have taken over the room on the other side of the bathroom and I want it to look like yours!

OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!! I love your studio, we love the same kooky things and colors. I didn't even include all the other vases full of gumball toys! I think only you would appreciate them! This second room is much bigger and I'm putting in a table like you have and..and.. is that a wine bottle rack that all the heads are on?? I may call you to come and play when I start putting it all together,aaaaahhhhhhh!!! Oh you would die if you saw all the stuff I have hidden away to put in there! OK I'm babbling. xoxoxoxo-cindy

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